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Perfect Flex™ Broadband
Coaxial Cable is backed by the
same quality and innovation
you've come to know and expect
from every PPC product.

Say Hello to the
new market leader.

PPC, the global leader
inconnective technology is
proud to connect you with
something better: Introducing
the Perfect Path™ brand.
PPC’s award winning
connectors and cables are
used by cable systems and
satellite networks around the
world. Now you can use the
same professional-grade
cable solutions, perfect for any
installation. Perfect Path™
reduces customer service calls,
truck rolls and operational
costs, connecting you to increased
profits. Discover the difference
when you work with the best.

Connect with something better.


Proven Industry Leader

PPC has always been there to serve the cable television industry. More than half a century ago, pioneering engineers and operators depended on PPC to develop and manufacture the CATV equipment they needed.

PPC Denmark is the telecommunication industry’s leading supplier of trunk connectors, adapters, jumpers, drop connectors and tools. The best known names in the business rely on PPC products. PPC´s products connect the world with cable TV, telephony and internet.


PPC Denmark
Vaerkstedsvej 14 - 4720 Praestoe - Denmark
Tel. +45 55 99 17 22 - Fax. +45 55 99 27 22

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